Perfect Weather this Friday… Be sure to get your ride in this weekend before any expected rain.
See you Friday!!

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Looking forward to some beautiful weather this weekend at MMP!

Open Fri, Sat, Sun from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

FREE WASH this weekend! Burgers and Hotdogs for lunch on Sat and Sun. Come relax and ... See more

10 months ago

Come see us this weekend. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

11 months ago
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I know you are hungry for the Sky Cabins to open ... we'll post info once we are approaching the time that they'll be ready. In the meantime, come camp out on our property. Call for more details ... See more

1 year ago

What are you doing this Memorial Day? Come and ride at MMP. We are open, dust is down to a minimum, and we have been doing some track work. Don't miss out on the fun.

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The Trails Are Ready

The trails are ready, are you?

The trails are one of our biggest attractions here at Moto Mountain Park. Between our 41 miles of single track, 79 miles of combined trails and 14 miles of intermediate track there is no shortage of fun when it comes to trail riding. A day at Moto Mountain Park is only as good as the trails you are riding on. We work hard to maintain all of our trails. The A track has recently gotten some special attention and Tony spent several hours earlier in the trailsweek fixing the jumps and making sure they are in prime condition. The rest of the week was spent grooming the A track, so it is ready for a weekend full of fun!

If you are new to the Moto Mountain Park scene you may be unsure which ATVs are good to go for our trails. MMP allows 4-wheelers, mountain bikes, dirt bikes and side-by-sides. Not sure if your ride is one you can bring up to Moto Mountain Park? Head over to our Facebook page where your questions can find answers. You can also give us a call at 706-337-5590 and ask the pros if your ride is good to go.

With the recent grooming of the A track, let’s make this a Moto Mountain Park weekend. Bring your ride out our rent one of ours: no matter what your favorite type of ride is MMP is the perfect place to have some fun. Set aside some time (because after all there really is no time like the present) and spend all weekend at Moto Mountain Park taking advantage of not only the trails, but also the other exciting activities. Everything is ready to go on our end, now you just have to clear your schedule and come on by!

Paintball Course: Coming Soon

Our paintball course in the works and will be up and running soon.

The paintball course at Moto Mountain Park is moving along and will be here soon! You read that right: after waiting patiently (some longer than others if you have been wanting to see paintball come to Moto Mountain Park for a while) you will soon be able to have hours of paintball fun at your favorite riding spot. Just when you thought Moto Mountain paintball coursePark couldn’t get any better, we are here to tell you that it certainly can – and soon.

We love to spend some time outdoors and soak up the beauty of North Georgia as much as the next person. However, there are some days that just demand a little action and excitement. Luckily you don’t have to travel far to get just that. We’ve already brought you some of the best trails around, the mud bog and the zip line. If an action packed day sounds like it is right up your alley, the addition of our exciting paintball course makes it even easier to do it.

Never participated in paintball before? Let us paint you a little picture (pardon the pun). Imagine an adrenaline filled day with your closest friends battling it out to see who will be the champion. The protective gear only adds to the fun and kicks the intensity up a notch. You certainly won’t be bored if spending an afternoon on our paintball course is on your horizon.

Like our Facebook page and regularly check out website for information about our upcoming paintball course. We will let everyone know more details as well as the opening date as soon as we have everything ready to go. We can’t wait to see you all up here for some crazy paintball fun.

Happy Birthday, CB

Birthday celebrations for CB were a great time at MMP!

It was a great time for a birthday celebration last weekend as we rang in another year of CB Jones. Our wonderful owner is another year older and another year wiser – which means great things for Moto Mountain Park are in store. We have a great community her at Moto Mountain Park and we really enjoyed taking the time to celebrate someone who has created such a fun, family friendly place. Thank you for all you have done for Moto Mountain Park CB, and one more “Happy Birthday!”

If you know someone in your life who could use a little birthday celebration, why not come one up to Moto Mountain Park. With plenty of outdoor picnic space, Moto Bob’s nearby birthdayand Sky Cabins for rent, MMP is the perfect spot to celebrate someone who enjoys spending time outside. And of course, if they are a lover of riding the trails, what could be better than being right where the action is? A birthday spent at Moto Mountain Park won’t be one the birthday boy or girl will soon forget. We would love to help you make a birthday celebration special, so give us a call at 706-337-5590 and let us know how we can make a great birthday celebration a reality.

We love to make people feel special on their birthday and let them know how appreciated they are. Do the same for someone in your life by setting up a birthday celebration at Moto Mountain Park. And while you are at it, if you haven’t wished CB happy birthday yet, head on over to our Facebook page and give him a belated shout out. We hope to see you and your birthday loving crew soon for your next celebration!

New Ideas For MMP

Do you have new ideas of things you’d like to see at MMP?

New ideas are what keep us going and help us create new and exciting things for our visitors to do. Over the years Moto Mountain Park has grown a lot. We have added new trails, given riders the opportunity to rent ATVs again, added the Sky Cabins and much more. We like to think we have assembled a great team of people over the years that help MMP 30
make Moto Mountain Park great. However, some of our best ideas come from you, our faithful riders.

We’ve been working on a few new ideas already, like bringing hunting and paintball to Moto Mountain Park. Although we are an ATV park we love to bring new and fun ideas around to help our riders have a great time. What are some of the ideas that you would like to see come to Moto Mountain Park in the future? Maybe you’ve got an idea for additions we could make to our trails, modifications to the Sky Cabins, or anything else under the sun that you think would make a great addition to MMP!

Not sure how to share your new ideas? We love to hear from our riders, so head on over to our Facebook page and give it a like. Once you’ve like our page you can post on our wall about the things you’d like to see at Moto Mountain Park. You might even see someone has posted a similar idea and you can contribute anything you have to add. Don’t be shy, let us know what your new ideas are.

New ideas are what keep things moving forward. We are very pleased about all the new things we have brought to Moto Mountain Park so far, but we always love to hear from riders about what they would like to see in the future. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to let us know your ideas or if you have questions about the services we offer!

Spring Fun At MMP

Spring fun doesn’t have to be difficult to find.

Spring fun may seem hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look.If you’re planning activities for your family or a group of friends it can be hard to find something that everyone wants to do. The bigger the group the harder it can be. If you can manage to overcome the hurdle of finding something that the whole group wants to do for the weekend, the next challenge is making sure everyone has the right equipment. If your group has decided that a day at Moto Mountain Park is the way to go, there are plenty of ways to make sure everyone has a great time.

Maybe you’ve got a few frequent riders in the group who own their own equipment, and a spring funfew that are new to the scene and may be without their own ride. This is certainly not an issue if you’re coming up to Moto Mountain Park for some spring fun. We offer rentals, which is perfect for those friends or family members who are wanting to ride the trails without the commitment of owning their own equipment. We also provide the equipment for everyone who is interested in taking advantage of riding the zip line. Another great way to have spring fun is to spend a few nights in our Sky Cabins. All your group has to bring is themselves, their luggage and anything else they want to make your stay even great. Let us do the work for you and make your stay great!

Spring fun is easier than you think, especially if you are at Moto Mountain Park. Call us today at 706-337-5590 for more information about how we can help make this season a fun one for your family and friends!

Mud Bog Action

Rain means time for some mud bog action.

Getting a little mud bog action at Moto Mountain Park is the perfect activity for this weekend. Between all the rain we have been having and the slowly-rising temperatures, there is sure to be some muddy fun had by all. We love it when riders come on up and have a great day out on the trails. That’s what we’re known for right? We take a lot of pride in our well-groomed trails,mud bog but there is more to Moto Mountain Park than just great trails. Our mud bog is one of the fun outdoor activities you can take part in if you’re looking to take a break from the trails this weekend, or even just mix it up a little bit.

Although there is some rain on the forecast for this weekend, that isn’t stopping us from having a great time – and it shouldn’t stop you either! Moto Mountain Park is open every day rain or shine unless we announce otherwise. Take a walk on the wild side and brave the rain this weekend. Fresh rain means the perfect conditions for some mud bog action and getting down and dirty. And we all know kids just can’t resist some good mud when they see it, so bring the whole family for some muddy fun!

Some mud bog action is just one of the ways you can have a great time at Moto Mountain Park. If sitting inside and staying dry while it rains is your idea of a good weekend, look into renting one of our Sky Cabins with your friends. There doesn’t have to be a limit on the fun when you’re at MMP. Check out our Facebook page and let us know what your favorite way to have fun at MMP is. We’ll see you at the mud bog!

iOS App For MMP

The Moto Mountain Park App is now available for iOS!

The Moto Mountain Park App being available for iOS (Apple iPhones) is just another way MMP is moving forward and offering you more services in the new year. Similar to the app release for Androids earlier in the year, this app will help you stay connected to us in more ways iOSthan ever before.

Everything you need to know about Moto Mountain Park is now available at your fingertips. You can locate us, contact us, and even keep up with recent photos and videos – all in one place. Our weekly posts are a great way to keep up with new events or things going on at Moto Mountain Park. Now with the app, you can access the posts right from your iPhone to see what is going on at MMP. If you’re interested in booking a stay in one of our Sky Cabins, you can use the app to check out pictures of the cabins and see what all they can offer you during your stay.

We like to be as available as possible to current and future riders. The contact information being available on the app for iPhones helps us be more available to everyone. If you have questions about anything, use the app to look up contact information and give us a call. We’d love to hear from you! Go to to learn more about the app.

We are really excited about the release of the app for iOS. We can’t wait to see how this helps us grow and connect with more riders. Come on up this weekend to enjoy some time one the trails or just enjoy being outside. See you soon!

Weekend Plans

What are your weekend plans?

Weekend plans can be hard to come up with, especially if you are trying to plan something exciting for family or friends. Even if you are just looking for a solo activity this weekend, it can be hard to find just the right mix of down home fun and adventure. No matter how many people are involved in your weekend plans, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Come on up to Moto Mountain Park and you will find there is something for everyone in your group.

If your bigger group of family or friends has a hard time agreeing on what to do that won’t weekend plansbe an issue if coming to Moto Mountain Park is your weekend plans. No matter what mix of people are in your group, there is something for everyone to do. There are activities for the adventurer, like riding the trails. If a relaxing weekend enjoying the outdoors sounds good to anyone in your group, they can head to Moto Bobs, grab some lunch and sit outside. The mountains of North Georgia make for beautiful surroundings to enjoy and outdoor lunch.

For all of our adventurers, please be aware when you are making plans that our zip lines are currently closed for inspections. They will reopen the second week of April. The safety of our visitors is extremely important to us and regular inspections help us ensure your safety. In the meantime, take a ride on our freshly groomed trails! We also will be having a sunrise service at 6:30 am at the pavilion.

As far as weekend plans go, don’t get overwhelmed. No matter how many people you have in your group there is always something for everyone at Moto Mountain Park. We hope everyone has a great weekend and we can’t wait to see you out and about these next few days.

New Beginnings With MMP

New beginnings can be easy at Moto Mountain Park.

With so many new beginnings happening at Moto Mountain Park, you may not be sure where to start if you’re trying to tackle a new adventure and visit us for the first time. With a new year and now a new season upon us, we know there are people who want to mix things up and come check out what MMP has to offer. It can be easy to let things get lost innew beginnings the shuffle. However, there are plenty of ways to start some new beginnings and keep up with everything going on at Moto Mountain Park.

Maybe you’re a new rider and aren’t sure where to start in terms of safety gear. You’re in luck. Not only do we have multiple posts that talk about rider safety, we also have an active online community. Head over to our Facebook page and give us a like. You’ll find plenty of riders who would love to give you some advice if you’re new to the scene. Post your questions and you’re bound to get answers from people who know their stuff and can also direct you to the professionals for help. Your new beginnings can definitely be safe ones too when you have the right people helping you.

Your search for new beginnings might be difficult because you’re always on the go. We also have a solution for you as well. Thanks to our new Google App, you can keep up with Moto Mountain Park easier than every before right from your phone. With the app you can check out our weekly posts as well as several other great features. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which makes it easy to find out contact information and weather updates right from your email.

New beginnings don’t have to be complicated. Moto Mountain Park can help you start a new adventure with several great features. See you on the trails!

Check Out The MMP App

The MMP app has now been created for Google!

The MMP app is something that many of our riders have been waiting for. Our visitors now have a way to keep up with things like our news (like new blog posts and announcements), photos, videos, and ways to contact us. Everything you love about the Moto Mountain Park website is now in the convenience of an app for your phone. At this time, we only have the app available on Google. This means that riders our there with Apple products will have to wait a little longer for all of the great things the MMP app has to offer.

One of the features on the MMP app that we think is great is the access to the photos and videos. It can be difficult to pull photos and videos from websites and Facebooks. For MMP appexample, you and a friend may be planning a trip to MMP and your friend is a first time rider. With our app it is easy to pull up photos and videos, and show them just how much fun is in store for them at Moto Mountain Park. We also really like the “Contact us” feature of this app. Now all of the ways to get in touch with us are in one accessible place. We are all about ease and convenience at Moto Mountain Park.

The MMP app is not the only new aspect of Moto Mountain Park. Don’t forget that paintball is coming to Moto Mountain Park on April 1. With so many awesome new things happening at MMP this year, the MMP app is a great way to stay on top of things. Download the MMP App today and enjoy this new part of Moto Mountain Park.