Perfect Weather this Friday… Be sure to get your ride in this weekend before any expected rain.
See you Friday!!

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8 months ago
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Looking forward to some beautiful weather this weekend at MMP!

Open Fri, Sat, Sun from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

FREE WASH this weekend! Burgers and Hotdogs for lunch on Sat and Sun. Come relax and ... See more

9 months ago

Come see us this weekend. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

10 months ago
Photos from Moto Mountain Park, ATV Park's post

I know you are hungry for the Sky Cabins to open ... we'll post info once we are approaching the time that they'll be ready. In the meantime, come camp out on our property. Call for more details ... See more

11 months ago

What are you doing this Memorial Day? Come and ride at MMP. We are open, dust is down to a minimum, and we have been doing some track work. Don't miss out on the fun.

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ATV Rentals Available

Want to experience Moto Mountain, but don’t have your own ATV? No problem Motorcycle Bob’s has a wide variety of ATVs available for rental, including bikes, quads.

Each ATV is available at a rate of $150 per day, plus $14 insurance.

Gas is included in the rental fee. Helmets are required (not included).

Call (706) 337-5590 for availability and reservations.

9 Responses to ATV Rentals Available

  1. Mary Haughey says:

    Do you rent the ATV’s by the hour. I was interested in renting 4 for 3 hours

  2. Danielle Toma says:

    We will be up the last weekend of October and are interested in coming to your park. We have our kids, 16, 15, and 12, and want to know if there is an option for them to ride ATVs also. If not, can you provide alternatives such as side by side and pricing? I would love to see pictures of the side by side. Thanks.

  3. James Stone says:

    Can I rent other protective gear like boots, chest back and shoulder pads also? Particularly boots, though. Thanks

  4. Frank Fitzgerald says:

    Would you have 3 ATV’s available for rent on either Sat 10/13 or Sunday 10/14?

  5. sean crook says:

    What kind of atv`s do you rent and do you rent dirtbikes to?

    • admin says:

      We only rent ATVs, usually Honda recons. We are looking for new inventory, so we are not offering ATV rentals at this time. Thanks!

  6. Steve Henning says:

    I have been to your park and love it. I am wanting to come back this weekend 8-10-2013 and will need 2 ATVs? Do you have any available?

  7. Scott Woodrow says:

    I have 20 young men that would like to come ride for 3 days in July 2015, do you have group rates and dirt bikes or 4 wheelers available

  8. Felicia says:

    Are any ATV’s available today for rental? Also, will there be helmets available for purchase or rental?

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