Zip Lines at MMP

Get a bird’s eye view of the Georgia Mountains with Moto Mountain Zip Lines! You’ll soar through the trees with speed and safety on our brand-new Zip Line attraction. It’s so much fun, you’ll want to go again and again- and you can!

Three trips on the Zip are just $22!

2 Responses to Zip Lines at MMP

  1. Amie Harrison says:

    What is the min age/weight limit for zip lining?
    Do I need to make reservations?
    How long does it take to do the 3 zips?

    • admin says:

      Hi Amie,

      Thank you for contacting us. You have to be 14 and up to ride the Zip Line. The maximum weight is 300lbs. The line is 1053ft and it takes about 23 seconds to finish. We recommend you make a reservation for the weekend because that is when we are fully staffed. Thanks!

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