Perfect Weather this Friday… Be sure to get your ride in this weekend before any expected rain.
See you Friday!!

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Come celebrate #MemorialDay weekend with us on your #ATV.

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Getting married this summer? Make #MotoMtn your #bachelor or #bachelorette #party destination. #ATV

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SAFETY FIRST: The Park will be closed this Friday the 18th. There are reports of bad weather on the way. Open Sat. and Sun.

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Make #MotoMtn #ATV #Park one of your best summer vacation destinations for #ATV adventures this #summer

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Pictures From Our Riders

Pictures are worth a thousand words right?

Pictures from our riders are a great way for us to keep up with all the fun you guys had at MMP so far this year. We are always looking for great shots to share on our website, post with our blogs, or add to our newsletter. Post your pictures to our Facebook page or tag us in your albums – we love to see some awesome MMP action!


Photo of some muddy fun set to us by rider Melody Lynn Anderson

Another reason we love to get pictures from our riders is because most of the time, you have a different perspective from the MMP team. Yes, we are out on the trails often, but you guys are the real trail warriors so to speak. Our long-time riders know the trails almost as well (if not better) than our team here at MMP, so we love to see how you make the most of your riding experience. Just another reason to send us your pictures! Check out this photo rider Melody Lynn Anderson sent us on Facebook of her and some friends at MMP. This is just one example of some great pictures and videos we have gotten from our riders. Keep ’em coming!

We also love seeing pictures of our riders because we miss the MMP community. We are still excited about this great opportunity, but we can’t wait for our riders to be back in the park. Pictures are a great way to keep the Moto Mountain Park community active during our temporary closing. We have just under 4 weeks left until we reopen, so in the meantime – you guessed it – send some pictures our way!

We love the great community of people that visit and support Moto Mountain Park. Pictures are a great way to keep memories alive. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and tag us in yours. We’ll see you back in the park soon!

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