Perfect Weather this Friday… Be sure to get your ride in this weekend before any expected rain.
See you Friday!!

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4 months ago
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Looking forward to some beautiful weather this weekend at MMP!

Open Fri, Sat, Sun from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

FREE WASH this weekend! Burgers and Hotdogs for lunch on Sat and Sun. Come relax and ... See more

5 months ago

Come see us this weekend. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

6 months ago
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I know you are hungry for the Sky Cabins to open ... we'll post info once we are approaching the time that they'll be ready. In the meantime, come camp out on our property. Call for more details ... See more

6 months ago

What are you doing this Memorial Day? Come and ride at MMP. We are open, dust is down to a minimum, and we have been doing some track work. Don't miss out on the fun.

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The Trails Are Ready

The trails are ready, are you?

The trails are one of our biggest attractions here at Moto Mountain Park. Between our 41 miles of single track, 79 miles of combined trails and 14 miles of intermediate track there is no shortage of fun when it comes to trail riding. A day at Moto Mountain Park is only as good as the trails you are riding on. We work hard to maintain all of our trails. The A track has recently gotten some special attention and Tony spent several hours earlier in the trailsweek fixing the jumps and making sure they are in prime condition. The rest of the week was spent grooming the A track, so it is ready for a weekend full of fun!

If you are new to the Moto Mountain Park scene you may be unsure which ATVs are good to go for our trails. MMP allows 4-wheelers, mountain bikes, dirt bikes and side-by-sides. Not sure if your ride is one you can bring up to Moto Mountain Park? Head over to our Facebook page where your questions can find answers. You can also give us a call at 706-337-5590 and ask the pros if your ride is good to go.

With the recent grooming of the A track, let’s make this a Moto Mountain Park weekend. Bring your ride out our rent one of ours: no matter what your favorite type of ride is MMP is the perfect place to have some fun. Set aside some time (because after all there really is no time like the present) and spend all weekend at Moto Mountain Park taking advantage of not only the trails, but also the other exciting activities. Everything is ready to go on our end, now you just have to clear your schedule and come on by!

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