Perfect Weather this Friday… Be sure to get your ride in this weekend before any expected rain.
See you Friday!!

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11 months ago
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May is #Bike Month — Share some of your best videos and photos of you and your crew on our trails!

12 months ago
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Our #ATV park is a must-see park in North Georgia. Our views are amazing. Come see for yourself this weekend.

1 year ago
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Have you been here yet? If so, what's your favorite trail to ride your #ATV down at our park?

1 year ago
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Do you want to camp on our property? Well, come on and pitch your tent for an overnight stay! It's $25 per night. Give us a call Fri-Sun for details at (706) 337-5590.

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ATV Trail C

Trail C – Video from 9/11/2010


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